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Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new page
  2. Add some content
  3. Save the page
  4. Edit the page
  5. Change the content, the title and the document syntax
  6. Save the page
  7. Go to History tab
  8. Select 'From' the first version 'To' one of the recent versions
  9. Click Compare selected versions
  10. Click on the name (Link) of each version
  11. Click on 'Next change' and 'Previous change' arrows
  12. Click on 'Next version' and 'Previous version' arrows

Expected results

- The page properties that were changed should be displayed: Title, Syntax, Content, etc. The red color is for previous values and the green color is for the actual values;

- The name of each version is a link that leads to the respective page version;

- By clicking on the 'Previous change' arrow, can be seen the previous change made before the "From" version and clicking on 'Next change' will reveal the next change made;

- Clicking on 'Next/Previous version' increases or decreases the associated version number.





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Product Tested By Tested On Result Jira Issue
The environment prevents the table from loading data.
Created by Ramona Conoro on 2015/04/07 09:44

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