[Deprecated]  Cannot move document to new parent where I cannot view document after move

Last modified by Irina Hrehorciuc on 2022/05/03 09:28

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a document
  2. Go to Administer Page
  3. Click on Rights: Page & Children
  4. Give view rights to the XWikiAdminGroup
  5. Create a new advanced user (Administer Wiki > Users > Add new user) and log in with the new user
  6. Create another document logged in with the user just created
  7. Try to move a as a child of page 1 - set page 1 as the new location
  8. Click "Rename"

Expected results

You'll get the following error: "You don't have sufficient permissions over the destination document".You were not allowed to move the document under a new parent document which would have resulted in inheriting permissions that would not have allowed you to view the document after the move. (PE8)


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