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Steps to reproduce

  1. Register 2 users (U1, U2)
  2. With U1 create with all the parent pages created
  3. With Admin user go to
  4. Click on Rights: Page & Children
  5. Click on Users
  6. Deny View rights for U2
  7. Login with U2 and check the Pages Macro or try to access the pages from the URL (Check the expected results)
  8. Login with U1 and go to
  9. Go to Access Rights by accessing this URL
  10. Click on Users
  11. Grant Edit right for U2
  12. Login with U2
  13. Access the page  (Check the expected results)
  14. With U2 logged in try to access (Check the expected results)

Expected results

Step 7: You will not see the pages in Pages Macro and you can't access none of the pages created.

Step 13: You can see C page and the rights are working as expected. In the breadcrumb you can see the correct path but you can't access neither of the parents.

Step 14: You can't access page D.


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