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Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a nested document with multiple levels (don't need to create the intermediary documents)
  2. On document 4, go to Administer Page
  3. Grant View rights only for XWikiAdminGroup from 'Rights: Page'
  4. Create a new global user (Administer Wiki > Users > Add new user)
  5. Log-out and visit page 4 logged in with the newly created user
  6. Log back in as Admin and export document 4 as XAR (3 Dots Menu > Export > Export as XAR)
  7. Create a new subwiki that allows global users on the wiki
  8. On the subwiki created, go to Administer Wiki > Content > Import, then upload and import the XAR previously exported from the main wiki
  9. Access the document just imported on the subwiki with both the Admin and the newly created user

Expected results

Step 5: The page can't be seen with the user created

Step 8. The document and the corresponding permissions are imported

Step 9: Page 4 can be accessed with Admin, but not with the newly created user.

Th user was able to export the document's defined permissions so that could preserve the same permissions when imported the document into a new subwiki (IE2)


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