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Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a nested document with multiple levels 1.2 (don't need to create document 1)
  2. Make some changes to the page (After each change save the page): e.g. add text, remove text, add a table, add a link
  3. Check the history of the page (history tab at the bottom of the document)
  4. Use the following link to export the page, including the history: http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/export/1/2/WebHome?format=xar&name=1.2.WebHome&pages=xwiki%3A1.2.WebHome&history=true
  5. Create a new wiki
  6. From the subwiki menu click on Administer Wiki > Content > Import
  7. Upload the XAR previously exported from the main wiki
  8. Click on the Available package link
  9. Choose the option "Replace the page history with the history from the package"
  10. Click on the Import button
  11. Go to the page imported and observe the history tab

Expected results

The user is able to export the document's history so that the same history is preserved when the document is imported in the new wiki. (IE3)


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