Inherit permissions to any child document (with no overridden permissions on the child)

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Create new nested documents on multiple levels ( (documents 1-5 should all be created)
  2. Go to the top-level document (1)
  3. Click on More Actions > Administer Page: http://localhost/xwiki/bin/admin/1/WebPreferences
  4. Click on Users & Rights > Rights: Page & Children
  5. Grant View rights only for the XWikiAdminGroup (check the "view" box next to the group)
  6. Create a new user (Administer Wiki > Users > Add new user)
  7. Logout from Admin and login with the new user created
  8. Try to access each level from 1 to 5 logged in with the new user.

Expected results

The new user can't see any of the pages or access them from the URL. The permissions of document 1 were automatically applied to all child documents, so that the permissions management of the document hierarchy doesn't have to be done manually. (PE4)


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