[Deprecated] Manually create automatic redirect to new document

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a document
  2. Bookmark this document in your browser
  3. Create a second document
  4. Create a separate page to run the following velocity script. The script will allow you to move document 1 to be a child document of A
    #set ($source = $services.model.resolveSpace('1'))
    #set ($destination = $services.model.resolveSpace('A'))
    $services.refactoring.move($source, $destination).join()
  5. Go back to and recreate this page. In edit mode add the following redirect snippet and then save the page.
  6. Click on the bookmark you made earlier.

Expected results

You have just manually created an automatic redirect link from to . The existing bookmark to the original document path continues to work, after manually creating a document with the old name and inserting the code snippet to perform the redirect. (MO5)


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