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Steps to reproduce

With a simple user, then an advanced user:

  1. Create nested documents with 2 levels (A.B)
  2. Click on 'Move / Rename' on page A
  3. Fill in the new title (e.g. C)
  4. Fill in a new location
  5. Click 'Rename'
  6. Click on 'Move / Rename' on page B (NewLocation.C.B)
  7. Fill in the new title (e.g. D)
  8. Fill in the new location
  9. Click 'Rename'

Expected results

  1. The user is directed to a page with the rename status where can be seen the options that have been selected and the progress of the operation. The advanced user has access to the operation log.
  2. The pages were renamed and their path has changed to match the updated name (UP1)
  3. Starting with XWiki 11.1RC1:
    - the "Preserve Children" option is visible only if the page to rename has child pages;
    - the "Update Links" option is visible only to advanced users. For simple users the back-links are always updated.


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