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Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a configuration page in XWiki SVN App
  2. Activate the status
  3. Choose a Default Space List and click List all pages to commit
  4. Pick a page and Commit it on SVN
  5. Delete that page from XWiki
  6. Open the configuration page and List again all pages to commit
  7. Pick the previously committed page with status N and click Update All
  8. Wait for the confirmation message
  9. Search the page updated from SVN to xwiki
  10. Perform again step 6 and check the status of the same page

Expected results

  • After an update on a file with status N from SVN to XWiki, that page appears in XWiki at search.
  • After the file was updated, if listed again all pages to commit, the page must have the status U (Updated in SVN).




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Product Tested By Tested On Result Jira Issue
The environment prevents the table from loading data.
Created by Irina Hrehorciuc on 2016/05/12 10:46

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