Switching between the WYSIWYG and the source tabs and editing labels doesn't break link syntax

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new page “a”
  2. Create a nested page “b” under a
  3. Edit page b and populate it with some text
  4. At the end of the page add a word to be used as anchor (e.g. Heading1) and format it with a heading
  5. To create a link from page a to the heading on page b, edit page a in WYSIWYG and write in Source:
  6. Switch to the WYSIWYG tab in page a and change the link label (e.g. write "1" after the word "Label" or inside the word)
  7. Go back to the source tab and look at the link syntax
  8. Save the page
  9. Click on the link

Expected results

The link syntax is not affected, the link still works, pointing to the selected anchor.


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