Toggle rendered diff context [Since XWiki 12.5 RC1]

Last modified by Ilie Andriuta on 2020/06/26 15:23

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Perform the following test Rendered content changes up to Step 12
  2. Go to History tab
  3. Select 'From' the second-to-last version 'To' most recent (last) version (e.g. 1.3 to 2.1)
  4. Click 'Compare selected versions'
  5. Click 'Rendered' tab
  6. Click 'Show context' from the right side

Expected results

The context on which last modification of the page was made is displayed (e.g. when Velocity Macro was added under existing page content):





per page of Page
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The environment prevents the table from loading data.
Created by Ilie Andriuta on 2020/06/26 15:21

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