Create and Bind the Class Sheet to your Class

Version 10.1 by Gabriela Anechitoaei on 2016/12/19 11:25

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Steps to reproduce

  1. After creating a class, navigate to it
  2. Click on the "Create the sheet" button
  3. Click on the "Bind the sheet to the class" link
  4. Click on the "View the sheet page" link
  5. Edit the sheet in Wiki mode

Expected results

  1. Your class sheet is linked below the "The class sheets" section
  2. When editintg the sheet in Wiki mode you have a line similar to this one:
    #set($class = $doc.getObject('XWiki.testClass').xWikiClass)

    where XWiki.testClass is your previously created Class.


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Jira Issue
The environment prevents the table from loading data.
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