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Steps to reproduce

  1. Click on "More applications" and then on "Create your own!" in the Applications panel
  2. Click "Create Application"
  3. Type a name for the application
  4. Choose the location of the application
  5. Click "Next Step"
  6. Drag and drop the fields needed in the app from the palette to the right
  7. Click "Next Step"
  8. Add a description
  9. Click "Next Step"
  10. Add some columns by selecting them from the Live Table Columns drop-down list and by clicking on the + icon
  11. Pick an icon for the new application
  12. Choose a title (since XWiki 11.0)
  13. Click Finish

Expected results

  1. The homepage of the application can be seen, and the user can add entries to the app
  2. The application will appear in the Applications panel with the chosen icon and title (since XWiki 11.0)




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The environment prevents the table from loading data.
Tags: AWM
Created by Admin on 2013/06/11 13:20

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