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Steps to reproduce


- User has to be advanced (Profile > edit Preferences > set UserType to Advanced) and a dashboard page has to be already created.
- The user has Script Right (in order for gadget titles to be rendered and scripts inside gadgets to be executed)

NOTE: Since XWiki 14.10, the Script Right is not granted by default anymore to new users, therefore must be granted manually

  1. Edit a page (both WebHome and a Terminal page) using the Wiki editor
  2. Write {{include document="Space.Page"/}} , where Space.Page is the space and page name of a dashboard page
  3. Edit the page in Inline mode
  4. Edit the page in Object mode
  5. Add some gadgets by adding objects of type XWiki.GadgetClass
  6. Fill in all the fields - at position add one of the following: e.g. "1, 1", "1, 2", "2, 1", "2, 2"
  7. Click Save & View

Expected results

  1. The Add Column and Add Gadget buttons appear
  2. The gadgets added in Object mode appear


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Jira Issue
The environment prevents the table from loading data.
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