Multiselect Custom Display Test

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Steps to reproduce

  1. First do these 4 prerequisite steps:
  2. Go back to the class page and click on the class editor link to add a property
  3. Add a new Database List property
    • Custom Display field: use this code - {{include document="XWiki.SuggestDisplay" /}}
    • Tick the Multiple Select, Use Suggest & Relational Storage options
    • Display Type field: use the input option
    • Hibernate Query field: use this test code which should suggest any page inside the Sandbox space - select from XWikiDocument as doc where = 'Sandbox'
  4. Save the Class
  5. Below the Create a new page section type in a Page name and click on Create this page
  6. Type in some page names inside the input field: for example use TestPage1, TestPage2, WebHome
  7. Remove some pages from the input field: for example remove TestPage1 & WebHome
  8. Save the page

Expected results

  1. Suggestions for pages inside the Sandbox space appear as soon as typed
  2. Pages can be successfully added and removed for the page with the DBList property


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Jira Issue
The environment prevents the table from loading data.

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