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1 1. First do these 4 prerequisite steps:
2 1*. Install the [[Multiselect custom display application>>extensions:Extension.Multiselect custom display]] using Extension Manager
3 1*. [[Create a Class>>Other Tests.Create a Class]]
4 1*. [[Create and Bind the Class Sheet to your Class>>Other Tests.Create the Class Sheet for your Class]]
5 1*. [[Create and Add an Object to the Class Template>>Other Tests.Create the Class Template for your Class]]
6 1. Go back to the class page and click on the **class editor** link to add a property
7 1. Add a new **Database List** property
8 1*. **Custom Display** field: use this code - {{code}}{{include document="XWiki.SuggestDisplay" /}}{{/code}}
9 1*. Tick the **Multiple Select**, **Use Suggest** & **Relational Storage** options
10 1*. **Display Type** field: use the **input** option
11 1*. **Hibernate Query** field: use this test code which should suggest any page inside the **Sandbox** space - {{code}}select from XWikiDocument as doc where = 'Sandbox'{{/code}}
12 1. Save the Class
13 1. Below the **Create a new page** section type in a //Page name// and click on //Create this page//
14 1. Type in some page names inside the input field: for example use **TestPage1, TestPage2, WebHome**
15 1. Remove some pages from the input field: for example remove **TestPage1** & **WebHome**
16 1. Save the page

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